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Wowmaking and Vizor Games Have Started Running Computer Courses in a Minsk Orphanage

In April, computer courses started being offered to the pupils of the State Educational Institution “Orphanage No. 5 in Minsk”. Children are learning programming and graphic design skills for free. The creation of a computer class and the opening of courses became possible thanks to the initiative and support of Wowmaking and Vizor Games.

Ten to 12-year-old pupils of the orphanage learn to program in Scratch, and the older group who are 15-17 years old study graphic design. Classes in computer studies are held on Saturdays, and at the moment they are attended by 16 children.

The idea to offer computer courses to children from an orphanage was accomplished by the developer of mobile applications Wowmaking and game developer Vizor Games. Both companies develop corporate social responsibility and implement various charitable projects in the field of education and helping children.

To launch the computer courses, repairs were carried out in one of the orphanage premises, furniture was purchased, the Internet was connected and computer equipment was donated. The first lesson of the courses took place on 2nd April , and the interest in them among the pupils is growing strong.

At the moment 82 children live in the orphanage. Most of them are social orphans, as their parents are deprived of parental rights.

“Our pupils from the earliest childhood saw how their parents lead an asocial lifestyle. And the main task of us adults is to show these children that it is possible, and most importantly, it is necessary to live differently. These computer courses will teach our children to perceive the computer not only as entertainment but as a tool for self-realisation. This will make it possible in the future to decide on the choice of a profession and implement various projects in any field of activity” the director of the orphanage Natalia Khursevich notes.

Wowmaking and Vizor Games not only sponsor courses with professional teachers, but they also invite their employees to participate in children’s lives as volunteers. They plan to hold profession-oriented sessions for children, where IT specialists will talk about their professions. In the future, they will help with the development of the necessary disciplines. Also, IT volunteers from other companies working with children from the orphanage will be able to take advantage of the new computer class.

“This project is a good opportunity to show children how big and different the world is, how many opportunities exist and how they can be realised. We are trying, first of all, to interest children in learning in general, to encourage them to independently study those areas that . They may not become IT specialists, but in the course everyone can try a new direction.

In addition, socialisation is extremely important for children who live in an orphanage because their contacts with the outside world are rather limited. They communicate with us with great interest, learning a lot for themselves”, emphasised CSR Manager at Vizor Games Olga Mikhed.

Wowmaking also draws attention to the fact that the project’s main goal is to acquaint the children of the orphanage with the diverse world of IT professions and to help them believe in themselves.

“One of the values of the Wowmaking company is the desire to learn and openness to the exchange of experience and knowledge. The launch of IT courses is an opportunity to contribute to the development of our community, to support the curiosity and desire for development in the children” PR Manager at Wowmaking Alesia Chumakova added.