Who we are

Wowmaking hit the ground running in 2017 and has continued to develop rapidly, release new products, reach the tops of marketplaces, and attract the best talent.

Our products are regularly at the top of the download list in their respective categories in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK, and Italy. We’ve created all the necessary conditions for comfortable work and professional growth. We support the ideas and initiatives of our employees and help them improve their skills while rising to a new level together with the company.

160 000 000

Users all over the world have downloaded our apps.

Top Apps

Our products are at the tops of their respective categories in the App Store and on Google Play.

8 000 000

Monthly audience of our products

Our partners are the world's leading IT‑companies.

We appreciate our employees

Who is our ideal employee? Who can build a successful career at Wowmaking? What qualities are we looking for? What criteria do we use when deciding on whom to develop and invest in?


We appreciate people who work quickly, research and make decisions quickly, and quickly adapt to changing circumstances. If you get motivated when life is in full swing and love when the modern world really gets moving, then we’d love to meet you.


It is important for our employees not only to have specialized knowledge, but to correctly understand their tasks and respond to the challenges they face.

Mutual respect

We strive to maintain a balance between the interests of our employees and the business, and we’re respectful of our people’s needs. When making decisions, we are guided by the desire to nurture professionals.


We love when people understand the goals and values of a product and can make their own decisions based on this. If you make a wrong decision, constructive feedback will ensure that you continue to develop.

Being proactive

If you see room for improvement, speak up! Any team member should think about why we are making a product, what is important about it, and how we can improve performance.


Our work is based on agile principles–to deliver results even when the original plan didn’t work. By communicating and discussing tasks, we get a working product without unnecessary bureaucracy.


Our close-knit team knows how to be productive and have fun. Join the ranks of our fun and professional Wowteam!

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    Team of professionals

    Our team is our greatest asset. We gather talented people, help them develop and achieve professional goals, take good care of them, and make their lives better.


    On our team, we develop honest and friendly relationships. From your very first days in the company, you’ll feel our team spirit and support.


    Our team brings together talented and proactive professionals who are ready to experiment and solve nonstandard problems.


    Our unforgettable corporate events keep our team inspired and charged up with productive energy.

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