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WOWMAKING is a mobile app development company with more than 100 products, occupying leading positions in the USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Germany, India, UAE. In 2018 WOWMAKING became an official resident of the HTP and is currently developing new mobile projects in the categories Tools, Social, Entertainment, Games.


Passion, accountability, constant improvement and attention to detail – this is what distinguishes our team. Our experienced team provides custom solutions to every project to ensure our apps are high-quality and solve real user problems.


Our team is our strength. We hire talented people and empower them to push boundaries and achieve professional goals. If you want to work in a collaborative environment where brainstorming is welcomed, Wowmaking is the right place.

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The basis of our success is people. We like to create quality products that bring real benefits. Meet the leading specialists of our company who offer innovative ideas and help our team move forward.

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