Addons & Mods for Minecraft PE

Top mods and addons in one catalogue

Edie LOL
AMAZING, All of the mods and addons work very well. It has , new mobs like tree monsters, unicorns, and scorpions! It makes my minecraft experience more enjoyable.
Adolfo Artigas
You can get mods maps everything it's just so awesome
fanycool gt
Super easy to use i would get it if i were you
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The most popular mods and addons for Minecraft are now collected in one catalog. All mods work without block launcher. Each of them can be easily downloaded and available for an offline use at any time.

All mods are carefully selected to make sure you get the most popular items in one pack. Install, open, choose and enjoy!


No more need to download multiple applications to collect your favorite Minecraft mods. We have done this for you! And you can get access to them for free in one click. As simple as abc!

All the mods are available for free after downloading. Every item has a description with instructions to help players quickly navigate and use the mode after its installation.


Our catalog contains the most popular mods – animals, transport, furniture, food, weapons, dragons, pokemon go and much more. Every player will find a mod to their liking. Install and play!

All the mods are grouped by subject. Add new objects, animals and monsters – this will make your game much more interesting.

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